The holidays are the highest gift-giving season and when it comes to promotional products it is ALL HANDS ON DECK! 

Brands are clamoring to get their logos on giveaway gifts, top tech promotional items and premium retail items to target their consumer base and make their brands stand out and engage their loyal customers to spend more with their brand.

To have a stress-free holiday campaign here are top things to look for in a supplier to help you deliver the best to your clients. 

Last Minute Gift Promos

No one likes to do anything last minute, but there are those times that clients come with ideas and projects that need to be turned around ASAP! With our vast array of giveaway items on QuickShip, you and your clients have a large selection of items to choose from. Whether you need Giveaways, Top Tech or Premium Tech Promos, our QuickShip catalog of products has it all.

Our promise to deliver within 7 business days sets us apart and gives you and your client the peace of mind knowing that your tech promotional products will be delivered on time to launch your holiday project.

Customized QuickShip Promos

Other companies might offer a quick turnaround for promos but don't offer much customization options. Our QuickShip does both. The quickest turnaround and delivery within 7 business days and full customization for every tech promo so that your clients can have the full experience of their promotional products.

QuickShip also offers free ground shipping to one US continental location, free set-up and a dedicated project manager to ensure that your project is executed from inception to delivery. We do not compromise service and quality.

QuickShip VOLUME

Another PLUS is our QuickShip Volume. With the same capabilities of faster delivery, full customization features, inventory availability, high quality and customer service we also offer volume ordering in the QuickShip program.

Let's face it, the holidays are about gift-giving to the masses and volume orders will be the norm. Now you can have volume ordering delivered to you at the fastest turnaround with the long wait of overseas shipping delivered to you from our Los Angeles warehouses.

Wide Selection of Top Tech and Premium Tech Promos

When it comes to gift-giving, it's about showing off the best and giving your best customers, employees, VIP's the most memorable and treasured gifts

We have carefully selected Top Tech and Premium Tech Promos that will WOW! your market. From Amazon featured RAVPower, to Amazon Echo Dot and Apple Airpods, we have the highest retail quality products for your campaing to truly make a lasting impression to consumers.

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10:46, Mar 18, 2020

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